Monday, 6 July 2009

No wind when i got up which was a pain.

Made the trip to the speed strip and if it blows it will be a great place to sail. it's huge! However there is a height limit bar at the entrance to the car park. Soooo i'm fooked for getting onto the beach. i took a ride and it's about half a mile walk to the end of the speed strip in front of the lake. The wind as advised is around 5 knots on top of the average wind. It was west with a hint of north today and was pretty square.

If the wind comes through i will certainly sail here as it looks to have excellent potential.

With the recomended speed strip well explored i went into Gruissan (the other end of the beach) which was an 18 mile trip. Again the size of my van which isnt huge stumped my efforts to get to the beach. The only option was to swim across the canal that cuts through the old town. Anything sub T4 size would have no problems with getting into the car parks. Drive a camper van and youre stuffed.

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  1. hi simon,
    reading about your camper being blocked from some beaches...
    have you ever thought of making up a simple mountain bike trailer for your windsurfing gear.
    or to improvise for now maybe even just a simple sled made from large branches?
    that should help you getting your gear closer to the water