Sunday 9 September 2012

The wind looked promising last night and it kept its promise.

This is the second outing on the warp slalom 76 and it's not a bad board for gusty lake type conditions. anything with less volume would have been a pain in the (fat) arse.

It looked good for the Demon windspeed 8.2. I was guessing 15+ knots. Little did i know this was a lull and the gusts were pretty viscous at the dam end on the lake. After more downhaul (!) I was able to reach the full length of the lake. I had a play with the setting on the Windspeed, if i went flatter i went slower. So fuller equals more grunt and more speed.

The exocet 44 was good and i only span out when maxed out going upwind. I hit something under water twice, which was scary as i was maxing it. Prolly an underwater buoy.

Very please with my 500 as the chop was quite exciting at times. Arms are getting stronger also.